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1st folklore groupThe initiative to form a folklore group in our cultural society turned up in 1967. The choir, the tamboura players and the actors had already been active at that time so the folklore group would have variegated their performances. The first mentors were Miha Haler and his wife Marija who had been involved in folklore dancing in Celje during their education years there and had learned a few dances. The Artiče folklore group consisted of seven or eight dancing pairs who began with dances from Bela Krajina and Gorenjska regions. The choreography was done by Tončka Marolt. After a few years of dancing together some members got married and the group fell apart.

1st folklore groupIn February 1978 the members of the youth organisation wanted Folklore groupthe folklore group to be active again so they asked the Haler couple for help. The highest level of their activity was reached in 1983/84 when they could perform eight dances. Their dancing achievements were admired not just at home but also abroad in the towns of former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia).



Zdravko DušičSince 1986 the artistic director has been Zdravko Dušič. The group started with new individual dances and combinations of different dances. Many distinguished slovene people and choreographers helped them a great deal.
The group is most proud of the fact that it had performed in Brežice at the ceremony of announcing the independance of Slovenia on June, 25 th,1991.




In 1995 the folklore group together with the folk singers and Tourist Board got involved in researching the local tradition of corn – husking. This project presentation has been the greatest achievement  because it was exsposed at 1996 International folklore festival in Zakopani, Poland and a year later at Lent folklore festival (as part of CIOFF) in Maribor, Slovenia. In winter of 1997/98 much time was Lentdevoted to the research of local wedding customs and traditions. The local fiddlers provided most of information so the group prepared a stage performance entitled »Ohcet pri nas« (wedding tradition in our village).




In the year 2008 the group was celebrating its 40- years  anniversary and it has prepared a  reconstruction of the costumes and  dances from the beginning of 19 th century from the town Brežice and its surrounding. This is a great achievment because it was done after a years of research as there has been only a few written sources about the dances , music and costumes from this region.






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