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On March, 14 th, 2009 was a succesfull yearly evening



performance of the Adult folklore group. Performing also a Children folklore group KUD Oton Župančič Artiče and guests from Dragatuš andPodgorci. Colorfull costumes, music and lively dances from different slovene regins.


More pictures in galery.




5 th International Folklore Festival Slofolk, April 23 rd till April 28, 2009
Performing groups from Algir, Armenia, Moldova and Slovakia and Artiče .


Two concerts in Brežice region on Saturday, April, 25 th,

Brežice at 11. 00 (outdoors)
Artiče at 19.00 (Prosvetni dom Artiče)



Welcome to see the dances and national costumes from countries all over the world.


Artiče is a small village, 5 km north from the town Brežice. Brežice is situated about 100 km southeast from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia .
Brežice is a 700 years old town on Brežiško-Krško field with about 3.000 citizens, at confluence of two slovene rivers, the smaller Krka runs into the bigger river Sava. The town is interesting because of the castle and the water tower. Nearby are also the biggest slovene spa -Čateške Toplice.

The inhabitants of Artiče are mostly working in Brežice and Krško, a lot are engaged with agriculture, mostly with fruit and wine –growing. This is the area of apple, peach, strawberry orchards and vineyards.

In Slovenia there are only a few localities with such a rich cultural activities as we have in Artiče. Our Cultural association is more than 75 years old, named after Oton Župančič – one of the most important slovene poets.

It is organized in many sections, one of them is a folklore group. The group is preserving authentic folk dances from different slovene regions.


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